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*This post was meant to be posted on Sunday night, but I forgot to hit submit!*

I finished off the weekend with a great Sunday afternoon! I wanted to get some new black ballet flats as my current pairs are either scuffed or super dirty inside or both, so I went into the city with a bit of a shopping mission. Luckily I was successful…I found a pair that I love:



Sorry about the blurry pictures…I think my shoe photography skills leave a bit to be desired!

I feel like I should point out here that I already own an inordinate number of ballet flats. I guess in part this reflects that I still have shoes I bought 5 years ago, and I tend to go for quantity over quality with my shoe shopping. I’m definitely not a designer shoe girl, at least not at this stage of my life!

I thought I’d take a snap of my current (pre-new purchase) ballet flat wardrobe for reference 🙂


Lol…from top left:

  • A red pair I bought a couple of years ago and wear pretty occasionally – really if I’m wearing a red top/accessories and jeans or black pants
  • A dark grey pair I bought in London this time last year on sale for 10 pounds
  • A black (super dirty inside!) pair I bought in London this time last year before finding the grey ones…I can’t remember price but they were quite cheap as I was really just buying them due to my own shoes inexplicably giving me blisters.
  • My favourite pre-existing black pair that have straps crossing over the top. Sadly, the front of them have become very scuffed. Still great for weekends but not so much for work.
  • My other pre-existing scuffed black pair, that also have the disadvantage of being about a 1/4 size to big.
  • On the bottom row, far left, some slip on polka dot shoes that don’t really belong with the ballet flats but are stored here for lack of a better place…bought in NY this time last year (it seems I spent a lot of my trip last year buying shoes, which I hadn’t actually realised until writing this!!) and which, sadly, are not very easy to walk in. Still, I really really liked them and love the fact that I have shoes from NY 🙂
  • A goldy beige pair also bought this time last year in NY (!) but from the Gap…I really like these but made the mistake of wearing them to Niagara Falls. Of course, they got soaking wet and ever since they’ve had a tendency to fall off my heels at the back. Definitely not for walking around in.
  • A silver pair that are identical to the black ones far left on the top row…also 1/4 size to big.
  • A light pink pair I bought 5 years ago and still love, but they give me blisters EVERY time I wear them.
  • A darker pink pair that also give me blisters. I didn’t really have much luck with pink.

You’ll notice that there’s a little gap in the middle of the top row where my new black shoes can fit in 🙂

I do realise that this really is more shoes than I need. This is just one category after all – although granted my most prolific one. I also have boots, quite a few pairs of running/casual outdoor shoes and a few pairs of slip on sandals and heels for evenings. I think part of the problem (aside from the quantity over quality thing, and the tendency to keep shoes even when I don’t wear them anymore) is that I am seriously prone to blisters. I definitely appreciated Angela’s post on the topic here. I don’t have so many problems with runners, which is something to be very grateful for, but with pretty much any other shoe I can never tell if they’ll give me blisters or not. I know what to steer clear of – sharp straps, straps with lots of buckles or accessories that might rub – but it is beyond me why my pink ballet flats give me blisters when, for instance, my red ones do not. I thus waste an unfortunate amount of money on shoes that will forever give me pain!

Anyway. I think this may be enough on shoes for one day. I also bought 3 books in the city (in a 3 for 2 special), which was perhaps not sensible seeing as I go on holiday this Thursday and will no doubt be spending extra money when away, but I just received a big back payment of pay and have been waiting a while for the middle book below to come out in paperback:

012The books, in order, are “When will there be good news” by Kate Atkinson, “The unbearable lightness of scones” by Alexander Mcall Smith (the one I’m excited about – latest in one of his series and apparently some of the characters come to Australia 🙂 Plus I love the 6-year-old character in this series called Bertie) and “The lucy family alphabet” by Judith Lucy, which I hadn’t heard of, but looks  good.

To finish of the shopping I bought another block of the sugar-free carob I love:


And clearly that was quite enough for one afternoon 🙂

xx Kari


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