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I had a fairly productive day yesterday. In the morning, I went for a long (or at least, long for me) run. I ran for 60 minutes and covered about 10.5km. I say ‘about’ because I don’t have a polar monitor and so can’t track my distance (or heart rate) exactly…alas. I use mapmyrun.com which works pretty well. Yesterday’s run was outside and a combination of small/ gradual hills and flat surfaces. Usually I do better at hill runs when I run for longer than half an hour or so (I think because the up hill bits force me to moderate my pace) so I was fairly happy with my stats.

Before running I had a cup of coffee and some melon:



When I got back I had a glass of l/f ‘soyaccino’ soy milk and some dried fruit (sultanas and apricots and pineapple).

 After I had showered and cooled down (it was hot and muggy here yesterday; not sure what has happened to autumn), I went to Ikea and ran some other errands. I also went food shopping which is always a highlight 🙂 This time especially so because I found…


Peppermint and english toffee tea! What sort of a combination is that?! I was so intrigued I had to try it. The verdict? I love it. Somehow the two flavours work together. Neither is very strong which is probably the key to success; there are undercurrents of each and the overall taste is great.

When out shopping I also bought some rice paper spring rolls. I love these and whilst I can make them at home, it takes me hours and they never work out that well. I don’t usually like spending money on buying food when I can just make it myself, but I make exceptions for these every now and then. I had them as a (very – after 3.30pm, oops) late lunch with some vegetables on the side, and a cup of the peppermint english toffee tea 🙂


There are actually 3 rolls, 1 is just a bit hidden!


 The rolls have vegetables, thin noodles and some soy sauce + something else flavouring. The vegetarian ones (which I got) also have tofu, but I’m not a big tofu fan so I sort of ate around that.

I also bought a yoga/pilates mat today. I don’t actually have any intention of using this for ‘proper’ yoga or pilates – I occasionally do a BodyBalance class at my gym that supposedly combines yoga, pilates and tai chi, and I do like it, but I’m really really bad and practicing at home would require more patience then I currently have. However, I would like to be able to stretch on a surface that isn’t hard. I think this should do the trick:


Looking down; thus the feet. Lol.

I figure if I put this in front of my tv, I might actually watch more tv (currently it’s more of an expensive accessory to my lounge room than anything else, which grates on my financial side) and also increase my stretching time each week. We will see!

xx Kari


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