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After another half a week of tossing ideas around, I think I have decided to stop blogging for now. It doesn’t seem worth the stress and concerns and the things I like about itΒ  (paying attention to the presentation of food would be one πŸ™‚ nothing like photographing things to make you attend to aesthetics!) I’m sure I’ll keep in a non-official sense.

xx Kari


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Post-wise, June clearly didn’t get off to a very good start! Not a single line from me this week. This wasn’t due to a lack of time particularly, although it was a busy week too, but some uncertainty on my part as to whether I should keep this blog going or not.

I can’t really outline all the reasons why I’m deliberating about it on here as some of the reasons are privacy related and that would kind of shoot myself in the foot. I guess I have a bit of conflict between my professional role and my private life and I worry that this could end up bringing the two together in a way that might be less than ideal. I’m not sure what I’ll end up deciding in the long term, but I think for the time being I will keep posting. And irrespective I’ll keep following the blogs I follow. So we’ll leave it at that for now πŸ™‚

On other topics, this week signalled the official start of winter here, and the mornings and evenings have been cold! I should say that I just checked out Ange’s latest Oh She Glows entries and saw the snow that they’ve had the last week…it hasn’t been that cold here, but it’s felt cold all the same πŸ˜› I’ve definitely pulled out my winter coats and scarves. I really love winter clothes so that’s been quite fun, but I think it’s almost time for gloves too…lol.

I’ve had a good week exercise-wise. After getting back from my holiday I think I put pressure on myself to up my running, due to having a low mileage week when I was away. I’ve since realised how unhelpful that is – not just as a way of thinking, but because it makes me less likely to run – and have decided to go with what I feel like doing. Yesterday I ran for 50 minutes instead of the hour I had hoped, but I enjoyed it and I didn’t worry about my pace too much. That’s what exercise should be about, in my view, so I’m going to keep with that mindset as much as possible.

Food-wise things have been a bit erratic; a few nights I got home semi-late and just wanted to curl up with a book, not worry about cooking. Thus, there were a few light-on-veggies, heavy-on-carbohydrate meals (i.e., toast or similar), but I think that’s ok sometimes too.

Some pictures to finish things off πŸ™‚

I've had soup on a few occasions...perfect cold weather food

I've had soup on a few occasions - perfect cold weather food

This was a lunch-time version

This was a lunch-time version...

...with a piece of pita bread and some strawberries

...with a piece of pita bread and some strawberries

Mini pikelets with low-sugar jam and banana

Mini pikelets with low-sugar jam and banana as an after work snack one day

My new favourite snack bars

And my new favourite snack bars

I like the low sugar content, but should perhaps be worried by "oligerosaccharides"?!

I like the low sugar content, but wonder if I should be worried by "oligosaccharides"?!

xx Kari

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Dinner photos

Last night ended up being really fun πŸ™‚ I think I have definitely grown up a lot in the last few years – I don’t get as anxious about things like having people over, and am much better at relaxing and enjoying myself. Both are good shifts I think! They certainly make life easier, even if I still have a less good day sometimes.

I snapped photos of the various dishes pre-people arriving, but this is what we ended up with…

Kebabs (still marinating, no post-grilling pictures I’m afraid):

Sweet chilli and soy chicken and vegetable kebabs

Sweet chilli and soy chicken and vegetable kebabs

Tandoori chicken and vegetable kebabs

Tandoori chicken and vegetable kebabs

The kebabs had sweet pepper, zucchini, mushroom and onion, in different combinations and amounts. I put more vegetables with the sweet chilli and soy ones as I knew that would be the flavour I’d want to eat myself πŸ˜›

The vegetable and noodle stirfry had carrot, bok choi, baby corn, green beans, water chestnuts, rice noodles, and a mix of garlic, hoi sin sauce, soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce. I can’t say it photographs all that well, but nonetheless:


Vegetable and noodle stir fry

Mediterranean cous-cous also looks pretty boring in a photo…I should have snapped everything together instead of separately πŸ˜›


Mediterranean cous-cous

Of course, the most exciting part of any cooking effort is the dessert…

Strawberry tarts

Strawberry jam tarts

Strawberry and blueberry tarts

Strawberry and blueberry chocolate tarts

All together...

All together

I should perhaps note that I did cheat on the pastry cases…I bought empty ones to fill. I don’t think homemade ones by me would ever look so even!

Last but not least, the icecream with mix-ins…



I had 2 of the sweet chilli and soy kebabs, some of the vegetable/noodle stir fry and a big serve of the green salad someone brought for my main meal. I had mostly fruit salad (also brought by someone else) for dessert, plus a chocolate truffle out of a selection someone brought as a gift. I am going to try one of the tarts at some point though – half of the 12 are left so I’m going to keep one of each flavour to try and take the rest over to my parents/siblings later today. I’m sure my brother and sister will be happy!

It’s a public holiday here today so I’m also going to enjoy an extra non-work day πŸ™‚

xx Kari

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